About Me

I’m Lizzy Dalton, a visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. I use pen, ink, and acrylic on paper to create works inspired by natural subjects, characterized by flowing contour lines, intricate patterns, and geometry juxtaposed with organic forms.

Originally from New York state, I moved to the west coast in 2015 to be closer to the wild landscapes that inspire me most. I’ve been drawing my entire life, and I attended college at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, where I majored in Studio Art. It was during college that I started rock climbing and immediately fell in love with the sport. While I had always enjoyed hiking and spending time in nature, learning to climb only deepened my passion for the outdoors. After college, I spent several years working in the outdoor industry in New York City and Portland, in climbing gyms and outdoor retail.

My love of nature and the outdoors is the biggest source of inspiration for my art. I find time spent in the outdoors to be meditative and rejuvenating. Activities like climbing ignite my desire to explore and discover, and through my adventures I often feel a sense of deep connection to the landscape. In my work I try to capture some of these emotions that my experiences bring. I aim to express peacefulness and balance, a sense of awe and wonderment, and the inspiration that drives us to seek experiences in the outdoors. I hope that my work will allow viewers to feel the beauty and magic that exists in the natural world, and to recall emotions of their experiences in the outdoors. 

In 2021, I fulfilled a longtime dream by taking up the art of tattooing. These days most of my working time is spent creating art for skin rather than paper or canvas, but I still continue to explore similar themes and styles in my tattoo work. I currently tattoo out of La Petite Tattoo, a small private studio in Southeast Portland.